|Epitome of cool| The lotus eaters

I am obsessed with film and TV. From an early age it was my way of escaping from and learning about life. Through a Dutch soap opera I discovered that my father was a drug addict. Yes, we will always have one hell of a relationship, the TV and I. It is inevitable that this dear boxy friend of mine is my main source of inspiration. I catch myself wanting things I have seen in a TV-show or film, all the time, like the ‘’naked dress”. But sometimes the inspiration is more than material, like with the film The Lotus Eaters (2011).


The Lotus Eaters is about a group of young Londoners that live a hedonistic and drugged life without any intention to ever stop their escapism. Their constant drug parties seem to bore the hell out of them, but apparently they can’t think of anything better to do. Come to think of it the film itself is rather boring. Somehow I still got an epiphany, mainly because of the main character Alice. She is an insecure, introverted and very stylish girl. In the story she is leaving her modelling days behind to make it to the big screen. She barely speaks and when she does it is very soft and I think that in real life she would be unnoticed in a crowd. Luckily, all the characters in the film are shallow shouters, so Alice’s modesty draws all the attention.  She makes it look stylish to be an introvert. She is the one standing next to the dance floor when all her friends are having the time of their lives. And she makes it look cool, you would rather watch her not moving, than seeing the cliché extraverts slurping all the energy out of each other.  The film made me realise it is cool to be an introvert. That it doesn’t look like you’re autistic, not social or arrogant. I love how they got to capture an introvert girl in the midst, of course not the centre of attention, of a vivid group of friends. It hit close to home.