|Epitome of sartorial| The fault in our clothes

Ever since skinny jeans exist I'm taken care of in the jeans department. Before I was forced to do everything with a naked bum or in trousers where both of my legs fitted in one leg. A slim leg fitted me like a straight fit and often brands didn't even had a size 24. 

It can be such a burden if you're body type has proportions that aren't commercially interesting. Especially if you love to be spot-on when it comes to fashion. Being well-dressed means more than just wearing a trend-du-moment. It's making sure that what you're wearing, looks like it's molded for your body. Some little details can be overlooked from time to time, like when the seems of a plain tee don't land exactly on the shoulders (this is only an exceptation because I have the shoulders of a swimmer and Tee's are my current favourites). Sometimes this means that one is never able to wear and look gorgeous in certain clothes. My list of unwearables contains: the pantalon, white blouse, sneakers and hats.

The pantalon is a piece I link to adulthood. It's everyday wear for the working woman who looks simple and chic. For me it's never a fit, literally. The waistband is always to wide for my hips, so the pantalon hangs loosely around the widest part of my hips and I look as if I'm wearing sweatpants of quality fabric. But I don't want any high-end sweatpants, I hate looking sportive.

The white blouse is another essential that will never make it to my closet. I always want one after googling Parisian, but in the fitting room I look like a toddler playing dress up. Maybe it's because of my curls, but Daphny in a blouse looks far from authenic or sophisticated. 

Sneakers, I will never understand them sneakers. I think they all look alike and stupid. Even the white tennis ones, which everybody loves all of a sudden.

And last but not least, hats. I will never be able to wear a hat because of my big curly hair. Of course there are options like braiding, but I don't need to wear a hat that bad.