|Epitome of minimalism| The perfect day

For day #6 of the Alex Beadon's blogging challenge I'll share my truth on experiencing versus thinking. I've had a lot of perfect days and I can't remember all of them, but I do remember the infinite feeling of a perfect day. 

Sophora plant from pinterest

Sophora plant from pinterest

First of all a perfect day is filled with love towards all things and beings within the visual reach, but also love towards things and beings in my memory. All the passants seem to smile at me and when I meet up with my friends, they are my favourite people in the world. There is no place I rather be than where I am at, at that moment. Friends get me excited to do whatever is on the agenda and time does not seem to exist, nor do any distractions like phones or obligations. Second of all everything is effortles and graceful. My attention is focused    and everything is as mesmerizing and interesting to me as it is to a one year old. These days come unexpected and are due to a very positive mind at ease.

There's also the thought of a perfect day. The day that only exits in my mind and doesn't unleash a feeling, merely the thought of the feeling experienced with an actual perfect day, as described above. 

Lets call the latter the concept of a perfect day. The concept starts of with waking up really early around 5 am. Then taking a shower, having a healthy breakfast and two yoga classes: first meditation followed by power yoga. At lunchtime I am catching up with a friend while having a delicious meal. Back at home I start writing and finish an ongoing piece, perfectly. I stop for a coffee at Headfirst and wander around the streets and get myself a vintage classic novel. In the evening I enjoy a homemade dinner with my love and daughter.

I experienced that both days are capable of generating a happy feeling. But while the latter gets me a sensation of winning, the actual perfect day establishes serenity and peace of mind.